I had to buy scalped tickets because the game was sold out. As a result I had to show up late to the game (tickets are a lot cheaper at that point), so taking the taxi out to the park wasn’t an option (it arrives before the game).

After the final out of the game, I got up and left the stadium with the rest of the crowd. But rather than heading back to the Metro, I made my way over to the First Base Gate. From there I crossed over Potomac Avenue and entered Diamond Teague Park. Two water taxis were waiting for the crowd: the American River Taxi (which is a small pontoon boat) and the Potomac River Boat Company (which runs down to Alexandria).

I hopped aboard the Dolly Madison (the name of American River Taxi’s boat). About 10 to 12 other passengers ended up accompanying me. After the stadium’s gates were closed (approximately 10 to 15 minutes after the last out) the ship set off. Tickets are $9 one way and can be bought on the boat.

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