In a letter intended entirely for public consumption, Norquist says the tax idea floated by Republican Sen. John Watkins (but that my sources say will actually be introduced by another GOP senator) is nothing more than “a job-killing tax increase.”

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. (Rich Clement/BLOOMBERG)

The lure of this offset option may be part of the reason why Gov. McDonnell sent emissaries to Grover. If they could strike a deal, then no harm done to the would-be pledge-breakers and Virginians get to pay more at the pump. Everybody wins!

Except for those folks in the House of Delegates who aren’t keen on the idea of raising the gas tax at all. Some House members are more keen on diverting a greater portion of the sales tax to roads. While this is mixing revenue apples with user-fee oranges, and will upset the defenders of other government programs, it does have one benefit: It forces a choice.

But choices are hard and few legislators want to earn the Virginia Education Association’s wrath. So what are the options?

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