“We don’t have the votes,” [Prince William Del. Scott] Lingamfelter said to the panel’s chairman, Del, Lee Ware, R-Powhatan County. “And down here, you know that’s the name of the game.”

The Senate has passed legislation to allow Sunday hunting on private property, but the bill likely will go to the same House subcommittee that shelved Lingamfelter’s bill (House Bill 921) and other Sunday hunting legislation on Wednesday. ...

Lingamfelter said in an interview that “there may be some opportunities” to continue work on Sunday hunting legislation this year. But, he added, “It may be that we just don’t have enough this year to gather that broad coalition we need.”

The coalition was in place and a bill partially lifting the ban passed the Senate. The opposition, though, had its people in the hearing room, and in the General Assembly, having more warm bodies on site than the other guy makes a difference.

Soon, these same legislators will likely vote to approve a constitutional amendment strengthening property rights.

But they refuse to allow those same private property owners the ability hunt their own land on Sundays.

How they square that circle will prove very interesting.

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