“Now when I talk to school superintendents across the country, one of the things I say is you have to be very cognizant of how you’re communicating,” she says. “One of the mistakes we made was we were doing the work and it was clear to us why closing schools, or doing layoffs by quality rather than by seniority was important, and yet we didn’t do a good job of connecting the dots for people.”


In the interview with WAMU, Rhee said that while the education reforms she implemented have continued in the District, the dynamic has changed: “I think the reforms have definitely continued. Kaya Henderson worked with me for three and a half years, and I have tremendous faith in her and her team. I do think there’s a difference though. Mayor Fenty and I spoke every day — I think when you have that dynamic, it creates a difference sense of urgency in the city overall.”

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