But the good professor goes a bit farther, calling the President’s performance “historically bad.” Enough so that he’s made some tweaks to his electoral map, including Virginia:

We’re also moving Virginia back from leans Democratic to toss-up. We know that the Obama campaign has long fretted about Virginia, understanding that the 2008 Obama vote was no predictor of 2012 success in the Old Dominion. There’s no longer any compelling justification that Obama has the advantage here. We could see it going to either candidate by a point or two or three.

For Sabato, whose electoral map still shows Obama narrowly winning in November, this is akin to a tectonic shift. Only a few weeks ago, he was predicting that because the economy wasn’t all that bad, voters were likely to give the President another four years to really screw things up fully implement his agenda.

And, in a bit of twist that would make David Axelrod proud, the Professor has this to say about the next presidential debate:

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