Senate Democrats aren’t in a snit over committee assignments and chairmanships, according to McEachin. They are deeply troubled by the contents of the proposed budgets that, in McEachin’s view, don’t spend enough on education, transportation and health care and could really use some tax hikes for transportation (never mind that the Senate approved an indexed gas tax hike earlier in the session).

And we should pay no attention to the amendments Democrats offered to the budget, only to vote against the entire document both in committee and on the floor.

And we must erase from our minds that the Democrats made it clear, from the beginning, that they intended to use the budget as leverage to gain power.

Sen. McEachin can try to put whatever gloss he likes on the fiasco his caucus has created — one that could lead to a government shut down.

But let’s never forget that this is a fight Democrats sought, and McEachin’s remarks are an admission that things are going badly for them.

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