The Baltimore Sun reports that Dan Knise, president and CEO of the Washington-Baltimore 2012 Regional Coalition, the group that originally pitched a joint D.C./Baltimore venue for the games, still thinks that hosting the Olympics locally is possible:

“There have been some informal discussions with people. The energy the Olympics create, the optimism it creates, I feel that again. I’m optimistic,” said Knise, who was in London with his family to watch the Games but also hoped to “take the temperature” of Olympic decision-makers.

Other Maryland officials, including Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, have similarly said that the idea is worth exploring. As we wrote last week, if the region did get the Olympics, venues from D.C. to Baltimore — and even some in Annapolis or West Virginia — would have to be put to use for events and infrastructure.

Later this year an exploratory committing will report to the U.S. Olympic Committee about the possibility of the U.S. hosting the 2024 summer games or 2026 winter games; Chicago, Dallas, New York and Philadelphia are rumored to be interested in hosting, along with a number of international contenders. The International Olympic Committee will make a choice in 2017.

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