The Tourmobile is ending service Oct. 31, Lydia DePillis reports. Some City Paper commenters are shouting hallelujah, but this isn’t really cause for celebration and certainly doesn’t mean the end of National Park Service problems.

It’s not like the goal of people calling for reform was to kill the Tourmobile. It wasn’t that the Tourmobile was a bad service, per se. I never used it, so I can’t say whether it gave a good tour or a poor one, but there wasn’t anything wrong with a $32 interpretive tour if some people wanted one.

Rather, the problem was the Tourmobile’s exclusive contract which prohibits other kinds of transportation. NPS’s model was to sign one concession contract for a type of service. For many years, that meant that the Circulator couldn’t run on the Mall and NPS wouldn’t even put up signs pointing to its stops.

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