A household, in Census parlance, is a single living unit. It can be a studio apartment all the way up to Evermay. And the ACS uses survey data to generate stats on what the average household in Georgetown looked like over the past five years. Here are the interesting bits:

There are 4,881 households in Georgetown. Of those, 89 percent are occupied, and 11 percent are vacant.

Of all the households, 6.74 percent are single-family detached homes. A full 49 percent are single-family attached homes (i.e. a rowhouse). Four percent are part of a structure with two units, and 3 percent are part of a structure with three to four units. Thirty percent of households are part of apartment buildings with 20 or more units.

It’s not a surprise that 63 percent of Georgetown households were built before 1939 (in fact the only surprise is that it’s not higher). A few percentage of Georgetown homes were built in each decade since then, with the exception of the 1980s, when 11 percent of Georgetown homes were built.

The majority of occupied Georgetown homes (56 percent) are owner occupied. Surprisingly, the West Village has a much higher owner-occupied level at 63 percent. The East Village has an owner-occupied level of 51 percent.

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