At a happy hour yesterday in Dupont Circle for Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson, Majors told us that he’s looking to secure major-party status for Libertarians in D.C. The status, which takes 7,500 votes to achieve, would allow local Libertarians to have a primary in 2014 and put them in a category alongside the Democrats, Republicans and Statehood Greens.

“I have a specific practical goal of getting a certain amount of votes,” Majors told us. He admits he doesn’t hide his intentions when speaking to voters: “I usually tell people that at some point because I don’t want people to think I’m completely deranged,” he said, noting that Norton has consistently defeated challengers since first taking the seat in 1991.

Majors said that the broader goal is to open up the city’s political party system to more competition. “It’s also because we have this really corrupt political class in D.C. I think there’s actually a real need for there to be another political party in D.C., and one that’s particularly critical of government,” he said.

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