Earlier this week the Virginia House of Delegates gave approval to a bill moving the Old Dominion toward creating its own currency based on the gold standard, reports Fox News. The bill, which now goes to the Senate, would authorize a $20,000 feasibility study on “establishing a metallic-based monetary unit.”

Virginia Del. Robert G. Marshall. (BOB BROWN/AP)

The alternate currency is the brainchild of Del. Robert Marshall (R-Prince William)—he of bills to declare fetal personhood and require teachers to be armed. Marshall has said that he is only preparing Virginia for the eventual collapse of the Federal Reserve; a similar bill he introduced in 2011 went nowhere.

If the event this came to fruition, what would Virginia’s currency look like? Well, Marshall knows one thing: “We’re not going to be printing money with Dave Matthews or Jeff Davis on the front of it,” he said.

Consider us impressed that Marshall’s list of Virginia historical figures includes the leader of the Confederacy during the Civil War and a guy whose music was the soundtrack for the lives of an entire generation of college town bros. That said, should the currency ever come to pass, it should obviously be decorated with Marshall’s visage.

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