Tim Kaine took to The Post’s op-ed page last week to tell us that, while he is a “pro-pipeline” kind of guy, he’s against the Keystone XL pipeline. Why? Because it would encourage the production of Canadian tar sands, which Kaine believes will contribute little to energy security, but a great deal to global warming. He wants the president to oppose Keystone. For the children, of course:

“Someday when I am long retired from the Senate and kids ask me what I did for energy and the environment, I want to tell them a story about how the United States led the way with innovative solutions that created jobs, reduced pollution and tackled our energy challenges head-on.

I hope the president gets to tell that same story long after he’s out of office.”

I’m sure he will get quite a fee for telling such stories....

One could also look at this as Kaine’s way of covering his political bases. Along with Mark Warner, Kaine is backing legislation to open Virginia’s continental shelf to oil and gas exploration.

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