I’m not even sure when the first post I wrote for DCist was. I think it was in 2005, and it was about blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay. It was probably terrible, and I’m surprised that the site’s editors — then Michael Grass and Rob Goodspeed — chose to even keep me on. Maybe it was that I had free time to write for nothing during my day job, maybe it was that I kept sending them posts. Who knows.

But here I am, eight years and 5,500 posts later, and it’s my last day at DCist. After coming on as a paid associate editor in September 2011 and taking over for Aaron Morrissey when he departed in December of that year, it’s my own turn to bid adieu to a project that started as a modest attempt to better understand, document, explain, and yes, poke fun at the city we live in. As of next week, I’ll be working with WAMU 88.5, and Benjamin Freed, who came on in December 2011 as associate editor is moving up to the corner office with the great view. (Okay, that doesn’t exist; we work from home.)

It would be a gross disservice to say only that writing for DCist has been a great pleasure and a fantastic honor — I’ve had the chance to spout off on many a local grievance (voting rights!) and benefited from having people read about it (whether willingly or otherwise) — but without getting sappy or penning a 3,000-word goodbye, I’ll have to stick with that.

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