Virginia’s protracted tiff over uranium mining has earned a bit of national attention. On Sunday, the New York Times did a broad brush piece on the split between pro- and anti-mining forces, and along the way, captured a few choice nuggets worth considering.

Looming in the background are members of the resident political class, who manage to cover themselves in hypocrisy and dithering:

Opponents include most state lawmakers from the region, all of whom are Republicans. A prominent supporter is the minority leader of the State Senate, Richard L. Saslaw, a Democrat, who lives in the northern suburbs. Asked about buried uranium tailings that remain a risk for hundreds of years, Mr. Saslaw, who is known for unguarded statements, said in a radio interview, “I’m not going to be here.”

We should all remember Mr Saslaw’s comments the next time he bleats about “investing” in this, that or the other government program because of what it will mean to future generations.

Meanwhile, Gov. McDonnell gives Hamlet a run for his money:

Mr. McDonnell, also a Republican, pointedly indicated on Tuesday, when the last research report he requested arrived, that he might not take a position at all. The governor will review the findings “before deciding whether or not to take any recommendation on uranium mining,” said Jeff Caldwell, a spokesman for Mr. McDonnell, who is thought to be considering a run for the presidency in 2016.

Bold leadership, indeed. But the Governor is not alone in his dithering. The men who would succeed him, Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe are undecided as well.

Not so the possible third entrant into the gubernatorial sweepstakes, Bill Bolling:

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