Terry McAuliffe’s fundraising e-mails are things of wonder and awe. The wonder basically boils down to “is that all they’ve got?”and the awe comes from the fact that they actually seem to work.

Take the most recent example that landed in my inbox overnight. It hangs on a few Democratic copywriting standards: the evil tea partyers (who are now also “anti-science) are bankrolling Ken Cuccinelli. Run for your lives! But before you bug out, could you leave a sawbuck in Terry’s tin cup?

This particular e-mail focuses on Foster Friess, who gave an entire generation of Democratic copywriters a priceless gift when he said, “You know, back in my days, they used Bayer aspirin for contraception. The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly.”

Like I said, that’s a priceless gift. And Mr. McAuliffe’s copywriters will use it in every possible context from now until election day. Hillary Clinton’s will pick it up soon thereafter.

But if we’re going to delve into donors and the sometimes wacky things they say and do, let’s turn the tables a bit on Mr. McAuliffe and have a bit of fun ourselves.

In Mr. McAuliffe’s most recent fundraising report, there is a $25,000 contribution from Armor Correctional Health Services.

A handsome gift. Except Armor had a recent bout of extremely bad press down in Florida, where a man who it was later learned had suffered a stroke found himself in a jail staffed by Armor personnel. The man in question, Allen Hicks, died because he failed to receive timely treatment.

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