Think Virginia’s uranium fight is over? Think again. A reader sent me a note earlier today saying that he heard this ad on WRVA in Richmond

The basics? Uranium mining is so terrible it could force people from their homes, their way of life will be destroyed, cats and dogs will live together, mass hysteria, etc., etc.

Listeners are warned that Gov. Robert F. McDonnell is looking to skirt the General Assembly and implement uranium mining regulations. They must tell him no, otherwise, the home, the lifestyle, all gone. The uranium must stay in the ground forever.

The whole thing is paid for by a group called “Foundation Earth,” whose mission is to “bring an earth-centered economy into reality through a major rethinking of society implemented via outreach campaigns.” That “rethinking of society” would seem to include scaring the bejezzus out of folks. Or, if this piece on their ideal State of the Union message is any indication, convincing them that Gaia is angry, and we must do whatever we can to keep the fragile “life support systems of this planet” functioning.

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