It would be tough to say the same about some of the projects dotting the Mall this year, though. WTOP notes that tourists to the District won’t likely be too happy with some of the blocked-off areas and construction zones they’ll see on their trip through the nation’s capital.

Columbus Circle in front of Union Station is undergoing a much-needed upgrade, there’s netting on one side of the U.S. Capitol, part of the Mall’s turf is being replaced, the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial is empty, the Arts and Industries Building is being worked on, and the lot where the National African American Museum will go is being prepped for construction.

Of course, all of these projects have to happen at some point:

“Construction projects are necessary,” says Bill Line, a spokesman for the National Park Service. “The previous reflecting pool lasted for 83 years. From a construction standpoint, most people would argue it served its life.”

We’d invite all those irate tourists out for a drink in Adams Morgan, but that’s under construction, too.

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