Yesterday, the Washington Times dredged up an old story about a Metro employee who was caught with dozens of pieces of Metro property — including several laptops and a generator — in his possession. Back in February, it was reported that the man — who had logged enough hours at his job to earn a pension — wouldn’t be charged with any crime, because Metro “may have served to create an atmosphere where such behavior, although not explicitly condoned or excused, was part of an implicitly tolerated practice.”

That’s ridiculous enough, sure — but sometimes, a fresh quote can really liven up a 9-month-old story. Here’s what the employee had to say to Metro investigators about his actions:

“You would call it stealing, but I would say it was more like borrowing,” the employee said when confronted by investigators about the more than 70 items of transit agency property found inside his house, according to an internal report.

Given that logic, I guess the guy wouldn’t mind it if Metro “borrowed” from his pension, would he?

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