The Post, several bloggers, and many Metro riders have been hammering the Washington Metropolitcan Area Transit Authority recently for being so opaque about its timetable for Metro Forward repairs. Besides leveling with riders about how long repairs are going to take, WMATA could build confidence by also being more forthcoming about how much money it will need in the long run.

The constant refrain from CEO Richard Sarles about maintenance is, “It’ll be done when it’s done.” As Dan Malouff wrote this week, that isn’t good enough. “The more confident we are that this painful time will end someday, the better we can support Metro in the meantime,” he said.

The same questions apply to WMATA’s budget. Year after year, we find out that there’s a shortfall, or maybe not; a fare hike has to go into effect, or maybe not. The budget precipitates a crisis where local jurisdictions have to come up with money or service cuts have to take effect.

Last April, I suggested a long-range financial and capital plan for Metro with specific information:

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