● In D.C., will voters finally choose to dump an incumbent? It’s been a long time since any sitting council member has been beaten during a general election — over a decade, in fact — but this year is better than most for challengers. While Council member Vincent Orange (D-At Large) seems likely to win his bid for re-election, will Council member Michael Brown (I-At Large) be as lucky? Brown and challenger David Grosso have been running neck and neck in recent months, with Grosso spending over $82,000 in the final two weeks alone to promote his candidacy and criticize Brown’s record.

●Council member Yvette Alexander (D-Ward 7) is also facing a challenge from GOP contender Ron Moten. Will the creative campaigner be able to convince Ward 7 voters that they should side with a Republican? The Post’s editorial board certainly hopes so.

●Maryland voters are being asked to vote in referendums on a whole host of issues, but the most important will be those on same-sex marriage, expanded gambling and the Dream Act. If Marylanders choose to uphold the state’s same-sex marriage law — many polls suggest that they will — the Old Line State will become the first place in the union to have voted for marriage equality. On gambling, voters will get to decide whether to allow a luxury casino at the National Harbor, which could well reshape the local tourist industry. (The race drew over $80 million in advertising, both pro and con. Anyone with a TV probably noticed.) As for immigration, Maryland voters will have to chance to decide whether undocumented immigrants who have graduated from high school in the state can receive in-state tuition to public universities.

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