Weingarten complained about getting two tickets, for $125 each, for speeding on M Street SE en route to buy seafood at the waterfront.

He writes that trying to obey the speed limit is “unnatural and frustrating, like trying to type with mittens.” He also employs his clever wit to formulate new digs at speed cameras, like compar­isons with Soviet Communism and claims they “extort money from drivers having the audacity to travel city roads at the speed of — this is literally true — a hippopotamus, running.”

Weingarten is absolutely right about one thing. M Street SE’s design is totally incompatible with the 25-mph speed limit. The speed limit’s purpose is to keep M Street safe for residents, including many seniors, to cross on foot.

The limit was lowered to 25 mph last year in response to a series of pedestrians—this is literally true—being killed crossing the street at New Jersey Ave and M St. SE, ironically right in front of the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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