The sweat rolling down the backs of some Republican politicos owes nothing to the summer heat. It comes from a fear of what will happen to Bob McDonnell.

Will more stories about undeclared gifts and unseemly behavior make their way to the ear of Post reporter Roz Helderman? Will any of this blow back on the candidacy of Ken Cuccinelli?

These concerns are muted, for now. But they are out there. Festering.

And the one person who stands to benefit from it all? Bill Bolling. Don’t call him “governor” just yet, but don’t rule out the possibility that before the year is out, Mr. Bolling could finally, if only briefly, have the job he has always wanted.

If that comes to pass, it will represent the GOP’s doomsday scenario. A Gov. Bolling means that more and more tawdry stories have come out regarding McDonnell. The likely sources? Either the legal defense team of former governor’s mansion chef Todd Schneider (whose trial for on allegations that he pilfered supplies from the mansion’s larder begins in July) or federal investigators looking into McDonnell’s Star Scientific ties. Or worse, the stories could be coming from inside the McDonnell perimeter. Regardless of the source(s), McDonnell’s governorship cannot take many more such revelations. The Rolex story hit very hard. Another such tale and it’s all over. McDonnell folds his tent and resigns. Hello, Gov. Bolling.

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