Scandal rocks Draft Wells campaign: The nascent campaign to draft Tommy Wells for mayor in 2014 has been suspended amid new allegations that under Wells’s oversight, D.C. Public Libraries has been blatantly allowing people to use its books for free. The U.S. attorney is probing similar conduct at the Department of Parks and Recreation. (City Paper, Todd)

Evans eyes Georgetown for Redskins: A new plan from Council members Jack Evans and Michael Brown would demolish Georgetown’s campus and move it to Hill East. The current campus would become a practice facility for the Redskins. Some Georgetown neighbors immediately endorsed the plan, because the new facility will create almost no noise and attract very few people to the area. (Post)

Pedestrian safety solved: A new policy from the Montgomery County DOT will make it illegal to cross any arterial streets in the county, eliminating dangerous crossings. People without cars needing to traverse a roadway can get on a bus and ride it to the end of the line and back again. (Gazette, Ben Ross)

Escalator reliability reaches 100 percent: Metro has achieved a new milestone for escalator maintenance. They have now reached a reliability rate of 100 percent; all escalators are currently broken at the same time. (Examiner, Matt Johnson)

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