Quinnipiac has its first poll of likely voters out, and it shows Terry McAuliffe leading Ken Cuccinelli by six percentage points. The driving force in this poll, and behind the numbers? Trust:

Honesty is the most important quality Virginia likely voters are considering when they choose a candidate as 58 percent of voters say a candidate’s “honesty and trustworthiness” are “extremely important” while 35 percent say “very important.” Voters are divided 39 – 36 percent on whether McAuliffe is honest and trustworthy, and are divided 42 – 43 percent on Cuccinelli’s honesty.

That McAuliffe registers a number greater than zero on trust or honesty will come as a shock to those who’ve read the dossiers on the guy. But most voters don’t do such things and, frankly, don’t seem to care. Yet.

And then there is this, which makes me lose my faith in Virginia:

Voters care more about empathy than experience, which helps explain McAuliffe’s lead.

Good grief.

But there’s even more:

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