Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is sitting down to chat with former Democratic Party of Virginia chairman Paul Goldman about one of Paul’s favorite topics: convincing Congress to extend the availability of historic tax credits to rehabilitate public schools.

It’s an idea the Cuccinelli campaign recently embraced, following in the long line of Virginia politicians who’ve signed on to the concept.

The question is why the governor — who has been on board for some time — is taking this high-profile move with Goldman. It could be a repeat of recent gubernatorial history, where governors in the waning weeks of their terms seek to nudge the candidates hoping to succeed them to get back to issues. In other words, it’s a tweak.

But it could also be a signal to the Cuccinelli campaign. Winning gubernatorial campaigns usually have a strong education plank. Cuccinelli has issued a series of proposals that would change what goes on inside the classroom. The tax rehabilitation credit adds an additional wrinkle: private-sector jobs.

And what was Bob McDonnell’s slogan in 2009? “Bob’s for Jobs.”

Mix the two together — rebuilding education inside and out and generate economic growth along the way — and what McDonnell’s confab with Goldman telegraphs to the Cuccinelli campaign is that this is could be the key to the election.

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