Right before Labor Day, Larry Sabato tossed out an idea that’s been circulating for months in Democratic circles: The GOP could be blown-out in the November elections. This provided the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Jeff Schapiro with an opening to expand upon the theme, and wonder if the only thing standing in the way of such an electoral disaster is the attorney general campaign of Republican Mark Obenshain.

Mark’s going it alone, Jeff says, plotting a course that takes him as far away from his ticket-mates, and their many, multiplying weaknesses, as possible.

That makes for good copy. It’s also an indication that the statewide campaign’s final narrative is being formed: The Republican ticket is finished. All that’s really left now is properly identifying the scapegoats.

The most likely candidate for that role: E.W. Jackson. The Post has a lengthy piece on the Jackson campaign. It is not favorable and contains remarks from more than a few, unnamed Republican sources who say that Jackson is, for all intents and purposes, done (a charge the Jackson campaign hotly disputes).

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