The Cuccinelli campaign has made something of an issue out of Syria. It’s an honest question as to whether a foreign policy matter over which a governor has no control should be a part of the current political dialogue. I don’t think it should, but I also understand the political calculus. The prospect of a Democratic president leading the nation into a war/conflict/hand-waving exercise that most people seem to oppose, and doing so with the blessing of a Democratic-controlled Senate, could put Terry McAuliffe on the spot.

And so McAuliffe keeps quiet, not distancing himself from the president or from Sen. Tim Kaine, who has already voted (in committee) for the Senate version of force authorization.

McAuliffe won’t be able to stay mum indefinitely. Whatever he says will make for good theater. But the one we should be paying attention to is the other Virginia politician who actually does have a say whether the United States should use force in Syria: Sen. Mark Warner.

Warner’s carefully cultivated “radical centrist” image has served him very well. But the Syria vote leaves him nowhere to hide, and how he votes will could become an issue in the 2014 election. So rather than come right out and say what he intends to do, we get this:

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