The Cuccinelli campaign is circulating a Sunday Washington Times editorial that scolds Terry McAuliffe for his ever-expanding “war on women” campaign theme.

That’s right, Virginia. At least one of the otherwise rudderless gubernatorial campaigns actually has a theme. The “war on women” isn’t exactly edifying. It’s more like the script of a Roger Corman movie.

But the millions the McAuliffe campaign and its allies have poured into such ads has worked in one very important way.

Ken Cuccinelli’s negatives are sky-high. McAuliffe’s aren’t anything to brag about, but they aren’t as bad as Cuccinelli’s. When unfavorable ratings reach nearly 50 percent (Cuccinelli was at 47 percent in the Hampton University poll), your campaign’s path to victory isn’t just difficult, it’s downright treacherous.

I’m not ready to put a fork in any of the statewide campaigns just yet. But there are a couple of things I’m ready to bet on (for entertainment purposes, only):

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