Mark Oct. 13 on your calendar as the day the Republican dam broke. In this case, the dam was holding back the angst, disappointment, dismay and anger over the Cuccinelli campaign as it appears headed for defeat in November. The Post was there to watch the carnage begin. First up, Tom Davis:

“It’s a party that is disunited, in flux, in transition and defeated,” said Thomas M. Davis, the former Republican congressman. “We have nominated a ticket that Virginians don’t want to buy.”

Next on the roster, Cory Stewart:

“I wish I was more optimistic — I’m a strong supporter of Ken — but it does not look very good for us out there,” said Cory Stewart, Republican chair of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. “The environment for Republicans is toxic.”

And there are a few others quoted along the way, but the real meat comes from our own Shaun Kenney:

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