Over the past couple of months, Georgetown has been the victim of a bike theft crime wave. Garages in particular have been a frequent target, as thieves break in (or just walk in if the door’s open) and wheel off with their loot.

Well, the Metropolitan Police Department is confident that the perpetrator of many, if not most, of these crimes is behind bars. And those sometimes controversial street cameras played a key in the collar.

I learned via the excellent CAG Public Safety program the following: Apparently, safety cameras operated by MPD captured the image of a man walking down the sidewalk pushing two bikes. Thinking this was suspicious given the recent thefts, MPD captured a still of the individual and printed it out. The photo was circulated, and a parole officer recognized the individual as one of her charges. An arrest warrant was duly issued.

Turns out he had been arrested the day earlier by Fairfax County. If and when Fairfax decides to release him, he’ll be transferred to MPD.

Since his arrest, bike thefts, which were a near daily event this summer, have apparently dropped significantly. So hopefully bikes and their owners can now sleep a little more soundly.

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