First, a simple fact: Robert Sarvis will not be the next governor of Virginia.

But his candidacy — and more specifically, his poll numbers — have injected a degree of uncertainty into the gubernatorial race. It’s just enough to make Republicans edgy. Thus we have the completely understandable effort to tell folks that Sarvis is not a “real” libertarian, as Ben Domenech does, at great length, here.

All of this misses the point. There is no ideal libertarian. There never will be. One could look to the Libertarian Party itself for a model, but that’s a nonstarter as the party is famous for its pitched intramural battles over who is a true believer and who is a heretic.

Robert Sarvis’ party bona fides, then, are a sideshow. (He isn’t a follower of Austrian economics! He’s not a Libertarian! Go argue that point with Milton Friedman’s ghost and see how far it gets you.)

The real issue is whether he will earn enough votes to win a ballot spot for the LP in future elections.

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