Quinnipiac’s latest poll of the Virginia gubernatorial race shows that we may have a race on our hands after all. The new numbers still show Democrat Terry McAuliffe ahead of Republican Ken Cuccinelli, but by only four points — 45 percent to 41 percent. Libertarian Robert Sarvis posts 9 percent support. The poll has a 2.9 percent margin of error.

A few items of note: Yes, there’s still a yawning gender gap. And yes, Ken Cuccinelli still needs to nail down the GOP base. But this is the area where he’s made substantial improvement week over week:

McAuliffe leads 91 – 2 percent among Democrats, with 4 percent for Sarvis, while Cuccinelli leads 86 – 5 percent among Republicans, with 7 percent for Sarvis. Independent voters go to McAuliffe 46 – 31 percent, with 16 percent for Sarvis.

Women back the Democrat 50 – 37 percent, with 7 percent for Sarvis. Men go to Cuccinelli 45 – 39 percent with 11 percent for Sarvis.

Unlike the Washington Post poll earlier this week, which showed Sarvis supporters really weren’t the key to the race, Quinnipiac says they are:

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