Let’s talk about something that really matters: football.

Specifically, the Washington Redskins soap opera.

Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks lays the blame for the teams mounting woes at the feet of its less than likable owner, Dan Snyder. It’s a familiar refrain, but Banks puts the boot in with a single sentence:

To a degree, Washington is where careers go to die. That’s a lesson we are learning anew this week.

Beating on Dan Snyder is easy. He’s rich and arrogant, and for those of us who tend to enjoy it when the Redskins stumble, bumble and otherwise fall flat on their faces, Snyder has been a godsend.

But can all the blame for the team’s most recent collapse be hung around his neck? No.

Snyder does not suit up on Sundays. He does not call any plays or run any practices.

That’s what players and coaches do. And it’s upon them that the blame for a terrible season rests.

Head coach Mike Shanahan is doing everything he can to get out of D.C. and go somewhere else. He’s written of the season, team and players. The players know it and respond in kind.

And maybe he is shown the door, given a lovely parting gift and lands a job with another team. Unless that team has a John Elway clone on the roster, Shanahan will fail there, too.

The question becomes not when Shanahan leaves, but who replaces him? And if that person can be found, will he have any better luck at turning the franchise around?

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