It’s no secret that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is not a favorite of some 7th District conservatives. He’s been challenged, unsuccessfully, from the right in the past. But this time around he has a primary challenger in Randolph-Macon economics professor David Brat who may just give him a serious run: From the National Review’s Betsy Woodruff:

Brat has a few interesting factors working in his favor. First, he’s expecting support from some of the deep-pocketed outside groups that have long been frustrated with the current Republican leadership. Brat couldn’t speak on the record about which groups he has met with, but he tells NRO that the political figures and organizations that have indicated interest in his candidacy are “as big as they get.”

“I think it’s safe to say it will definitely rattle some cages when it comes out,” he says.

We shall see. As Woodruff’s column makes very clear, Cantor comes into any primary (and general election) as the favorite. He is a prolific fundraiser, has a seasoned political organization and, of course, has the backing of that nefarious “establishment” that bedevils so many.

Even with all that, can he be beaten? Possibly. But it will take a letter-perfect effort from Brat — and plenty of money — to make it a contest.

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