What’s in store for DCPS’s middle schools? The possibilities include greater communication with feeder elementary schools, equalizing offerings for middle-grade students at all K-8 and stand-alone middle schools, and an application-only middle school in Ward 7.

D.C. has long had a dearth of desirable DCPS middle schools. With a review of boundaries and feeder patterns under way, many District parents are anxiously awaiting the release of a DCPS plan to improve those schools.

Last week, DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson appeared at a D.C. Council hearing and provided insights into some of the issues she’s considering. In a previous post we looked at two of those issues: why Henderson wants to implement a plan on a District-wide basis rather than piecemeal, and whether future feeder patterns might include both DCPS and charter schools.

Today we’ll take a look at some other themes that emerged from Henderson’s dialogue with Council members.

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