It’s a perennial question in D.C. politics and one that’s likely to arise in this year’s mayoral race: If your favorite candidate isn’t considered highly likely to win, should you vote for your favorite, or pick the best of the front-runners if you feel there is a clear difference between them?

Reader Max faces this dilemma. He wrote this letter before The Post endorsed Muriel Bowser:

The race is highly congested with none of the candidates really gaining much momentum. The candidate doing the best is probably the worst on GGW issues and that’s Bowser (exhibit A).

As I see it, its a choice between [Vincent] Gray and [Tommy] Wells. … I am personally torn. I gave Wells a small contribution, but right now would vote for Gray because he has a better chance of beating Bowser. Is it worth the risk to support a guy that may peak at 25%, instead of backing Gray who has been a very solid mayor and who could lose to someone that stands for absolutely nothing.

Note: Neither I nor Greater Greater Washington have made any endorsements yet, and we will be posting video of interviews with the candidates so that readers can make up their own minds.

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