Last weekend, I had a conversation with a Georgetown restaurant owner that left me feeling pretty glum about the future of Georgetown’s dining scene. Reaching the same conclusion that many have reached, the owner said that Georgetown had lost the young people who were now spending all their dining budget on U or 14th streets. He said many restaurants in Georgetown are just barely holding on.

But when it came time to sit down and add up all the restaurants that opened in 2013 and those that closed (as part of my annual census), I reached a different conclusion: The Georgetown dining scene is in good shape. There are some caveats, but we’ll get to those later.

First, last year (for these purposes, I’m counting roughly February 2013 to February 2014) 16 restaurants opened in Georgetown. Moreover, only seven closed. And of those seven, two of them were Iceberry.

Compare that to the previous year, when only six restaurants opened and 18 closed. The year before that only four opened and 11 closed. So this is a dramatic turnaround.

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