Results from the first round of the common lottery reveal huge demand for some DCPS preschool programs, while others in the District drew few applications.

Six DCPS preschool programs, mostly in affluent neighborhoods in Northwest or on Capitol Hill, have more than 300 names on their waiting lists, and seven more have over 200 names. But seven other programs, all but one in Wards 7 or 8, still have 70 percent or more of their seats available. Results for all schools can be viewed on the DCPS website.

The preschool programs, some of which start at age 3 and others at age 4, are mostly in DCPS neighborhood schools. But residents are not guaranteed a slot, as they are at kindergarten and above. Many applied for slots through this year’s common lottery, My School DC.

In addition to DCPS preschool seats, the lottery is allocating seats for those seeking admission to DCPS’s application-only schools and most of the District’s charter schools. Students who want to attend DCPS schools as out-of-boundary students also entered the lottery.

Results from the first round of the lottery were released on March 31, and families had until May 1 to accept a space at the schools their children were matched with. A second round is open to those who missed the first round or who weren’t matched with any of their choices. The deadline for entering the second round is May 15.

Some charter schools have waiting lists of hundreds of names, with Two Rivers topping the list at more than 1,700. While none of the DCPS preschool programs have lists that size, they’re long enough to be discouraging to many who applied.

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