Generally speaking, higher test scores at a D.C. Public Schools elementary school correlate with higher housing costs. But there are a few “bargain” neighborhoods, and one outlier school that’s surrounded by pricey housing despite low scores.

The median price of a typical three-bedroom home within the attendance zone of a top-scoring DCPS elementary school is more than $800,000, according to District Measured, a blog produced by D.C.’s Office of Revenue Analysis. At those schools, largely in Northwest, 80 percent or more students score proficient or advanced in reading.

At the next tier down, schools where 60 percent to 80 percent of students are proficient or advanced, housing prices aren’t much lower: median sale prices vary from the high $600,000s to more than $1 million.

If you want to pay less than that, you may have to go to a neighborhood where the zoned school has reading proficiency rates below 60 percent.

In addition to a graph that correlates reading test scores and median sale prices, the ORA has created two maps. The first one shows school zones according to school rankings, and you can filter it by median home prices.


Click here for the interactive version.

The second map shows home sale prices. You can filter it by school rankings.


Click here for the interactive version.

ORA used the school boundaries that will go into effect this fall. Those new boundaries only apply to students entering the DCPS system. Students who are currently enrolled at a school can stay there even if the boundaries change.

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