8407 Kitchen Bar hopes ChefDriven's Jerry Trice will fill the dining room on New Year's Eve. (Sean McCormick/The Washington Post)

Well, necessity being the mother of invention and all that jazz, general manager Nancy Hart has devised a clever solution to get 8407 through the most critical date on the calendar — New Year’s Eve. She’s hired her significant other, Jerry Trice, to devise and execute a special menu for the night. She’s calling it a pop-up New Year’s Eve.

You might recognize Trice’s name: He’s the former executive chef at Yin Yankee in Annapolis (and its short-lived sister operation in Bethesda) as well as the current operator of the excellent ChefDriven food truck.

“I don’t think he’s thought about [menus] yet,” Hart tells All We Can Eat. “I just got him to agree to it the other day.”

The pop-up New Year's Eve dinner will be a four-course affair with two separate services. 8407 will take reservations for the early service, starting with the 6 p.m. time slot, while reservations for the late service begin with the 8:30 p.m. slot. The price for the early dinner is $65 per person ($90 with wine pairings) and $75 for the late dinner ($100 with wine pairings).

Hart says she continues interviewing replacement chefs for Matamoros. She does not have a time frame in mind for the hire. She says the search will end when she finds “the right person.”

“No rush,” she adds.

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