The brewery is still under construction, but five Bluejacket collaborative beers are ready to pour. (Kris Mullins/Neighborhood Restaurant Group)

One of these, Sidewalk Saison, will become one of Bluejacket’s signature beers. Bluejacket brewer Megan Parisi crafted the maiden batch at the Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant in West Chester, Pa., seasoning the brew with black pepper, coriander, lemon, orange peel and locally picked (by Birch & Barley/ChurchKey chef Kyle Bailey) violet wood sorrel.

In other D.C. brewery news, 3 Stars Brewing Co. will have its official launch at ChurchKey on Thursday, Aug. 9. That event will feature Urban Farmhouse (a saison), Southern Belle (an imperial brown ale) and Pandemic Porter (an imperial porter), as well as “two extra special casks,” according to Bailey.

This week, however, belongs to Anchor Brewing Co., the venerable San Francisco operation that became the model of a modern craft brewery under former owner Fritz Maytag. Brewmaster Mark Carpenter, who’s been with Anchor since 1971, will visit ChurchKey tonight, bringing along a full array of his beers, including his latest effort, Mark’s Mild. On Friday, Carpenter will host a four-course beer dinner in the Loft Dining Room of The Hamilton. For more information and a full menu, visit the Hamilton’s Web site.

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