What beer or brewery, not currently available in Washington, would you most like to see here and why?

For the most part, we received straight-forward answers, as if most of you were too focused on, you know, your real job to craft something funny and thoughtful and slightly provocative. The best response we received came from Reed Sandridge, who wrote a short, crafted essay with a thematic beginning and end.

Sandridge really wants a taste of Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery in Washington. He writes:

I have to tell you that when I heard about the Rapture, I was worried that Savor wasn’t going to happen. Thankfully we have all been spared and Savor will go on!

Google Maps tells me that it is 2,688 miles from my front door to the beautiful sanctuary of Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. If my memory serves me right from the last time I was at the brewery, there are something like 18 reasons they should be here in Washington. From the smooth rich bitterness that the Centennial and Cascade hops give the Inversion IPA to the delicious marriage of chocolaty espresso and hops that go into the Obsidian Stout — each of their beers are liquid perfection. I could go on with the remaining 16 beers…but I think you get the point.

Aside from having great beers, they are great people. When I was in Portland recently at their brew pub I asked what the bartender liked and he poured me 18 samples for the price one pint! It was a long night.

Deschutes doesn’t distribute further east than Minnesota. If I don’t win these Savor tickets to quench my thirst I will be forced to ride my bike to Oregon! Along the way I would ask for donations to help provide for some cold refreshing malty libations upon my arrival. I wonder how long I could stay there in Bend with the donations I would collect? So, I’ll either see you and the guys from Deschutes on Saturday or I’ll be at City Bikes getting my bike tuned up for the 2,688 mile trek to Bend!

Congratulations, Reed. Looks like you’ll have to plan that 2,688-mile trek to Deschutes some other time, right?

“THIS IS AWESOME!!!! You have no idea how excited I am to go!” Reed responds via e-mail after hearing about his victory.

“This news officially postpones the trek out to Portland,” he adds. “Don’t get me wrong, a trip to Deschutes is still well worth the sacrifices I would endure to get there. I hope to some day fulfill my dream of a cross country biking adventure and celebrate with the good people of Deschutes...but for now these tickets to SAVOR will quell my immediate thirst for high quality malt beverages. I thank you on behalf of my out of shape biking legs.”