The long-awaited “Bar Rescue” episode featuring Piratz Tavern, the Silver Spring pub that proudly flies its Jolly Roger in the face of all enemies, finally has an air date. It’s scheduled to run Sunday, July 22, on Spike TV.

The episode, in fact, is leading off Season 2 of “Bar Rescue.” One look at the video above, and you can see why: It has more tension than an AA meeting at The Passenger.

Host Jon Taffer, all powered up in a blue dress shirt and suit jacket, screams at a server/busboy named “Archer,” who’s wearing a green scarf, beads in his beard and enough jewelry to drown a small puppy in a pool. It’s Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, except you’re not sure who’s on what team. (More spoilers after the jump.)

Of course, anyone who followed the drama when “Bar Rescue” crews descended on Piratz Tavern in February knows how things turned out: not well. Co-owner Tracy Rebelo ditched the Taffer-designed Corporate Bar and Grill concept faster than you can say scurvy dog.

Which got me to wondering: Does Taffer acknowledge that Rebelo and her groggy crew dumped the Dilbert-esque office theme as if it were a dead rat in the ship’s mess deck? Spike TV spokesman Salil Gulati tells All We Can Eat the episode ends with a “text overlay” explaining the transition back to Piratz Tavern, but “Bar Rescue” crews never returned to film the bar’s Frankenstein-like reincarnation.

“The last time you see it is the night of the relaunch” as Corporate Bar and Grill, Gulati says.

Reached by phone this afternoon, Rebelo had heard about the air date. She wasn’t sure yet what Piratz would do to acknowledge the season debut. “Drink a bottle of rum or jump off a bridge, somewhere in between,” she joked.

She did say her tavern would do something to mark the episode’s broadcast, but she needed time to determine the particulars. Meanwhile, Rebelo notes she is close to hiring a full-time chef who will make-over the menu at Piratz. She Couldn’t name the chef until the paperwork was completed.

It’s the latest upgrade that she and her husband, Juciano Rebelo, have made at Piratz so their place doesn’t feel like the exclusive den of rummies, sneakthieves, pickpockets or other characters dressed in high-seas outlaw-wear.

“It’s the grown-up version of Piratz Tavern,” Tracy Rebelo promises. “It’s what we hoped they would help us with. . . . We kind of ended up doing ourselves what we had hoped they would do for us.”