Georgetown Cupcake has Natitude — Natitude cupcakes, that is. (Georgetown Cupcake)

Immortalize the hero in cupcake form. (See the photo after the jump.)

‘We’ve been selling Nats cupcakes all week,” owner Lara Stuckey told Sarah Kogod over on the DC Sports Bog. “But after last night, we knew that we had to make a special one just for Werth.”

Not to be outdone (well, okay, no one will outdo that tiny fuzzy-faced cake, which makes even Werth seem cuddly), Georgetown Cupcake has created its own confection dedicated to Major League Baseball’s top team in the regular season.More conventional than Fluffy Thoughts’ treat, Georgetown’s Natitude cupcake nonetheless offers a chance for fans to indulge their sweet tooth and show their team spirit at the same time.

The Natitude cupcake is available on game days or by pre-order only at all local stores. They’re $2.75 per cupcake, $15 for a half-dozen or $29 for a dozen.

Obviously, the cakes are available for tonight’s game and, as co-owner Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne wrote All We Can Eat via e-mail, “fingers crossed on future game days too!”

She concluded her note with: “Go Nats!!!”

Other cupcakeries that All We Can Eat contacted weren’t as quick to take advantage of their hometown ballclub’s success.

The Jayson Werth cupcake from Fluffy Thoughts: Perhaps the only "facial hair" you'll ever happily eat. (Fluffy Thoughts Cakes)

Over at Hello Cupcake, the shop doesn’t have any special Nats treats available at the moment, but manager Cinoma Gilmer says the store, with 48 hours’ notice, can prepare you cupcakes with the Nationals logo in edible fondant.

It’ll run you $45 for a dozen, Gilmer notes, and you can choose any flavor of cupcake.

Kristi Whitfield, co-owner of Curbside Cupcakes, hadn’t yet jumped on the Nats bandwagon, either. But she is ready for the team’s vehicle to come around for a second pass.

“If they win tonight, I think I maybe should [make Nats cupcakes] for the next series,” Whitfield tells All We Can Eat. “I’m going to start thinking about that.”