Kitchen Non-Confidential: So what does The Source's Scott Drewno like to do during his off hours? (Dominic Bracco II/The Washington Post)

Match the pros with their corresponding activities — including the bonus/tiebreaker — then enter your answers in the comments field below (such as 1.g, 2.a, 3.d, etc.). The first to post a perfect score, or the closest thing to it, wins bragging rights and a batch of the fall’s best new cookbooks. We’ll announce the winner next week on All We Can Eat.

You can play the game after the jump.

This would be too easy for the employees and restaurant publicists connected with the pros listed here; you’re gently disqualified.

1. Michel Richard

2. Scott Drewno

3. Kyle Bailey

4. Vikram Sunderam

5. Carla Hall

6. Jose Andres

7. Victor Albisu

8. Ruth Gresser

9. Todd Gray

10. Nora Pouillon


11. Derek Brown

a. Holds regular karaoke sessions with staff after hours; has personal karaoke machine at home for practicing

b. Shoots hoops in a weekly basketball league

c. Addicted to Angry Birds game on smartphone; must play to a certain level in each session

d. Fixes sinks and toilets; used to do most simple plumbing jobs at the restaurant

e. Loves to iron chef coats; a zen thing

f. Digs girl groups, especially Wilson Phillips

g. Does an hour of yoga daily between prep and dinner service

h. Hooked on reruns of “Golden Girls”; “bucket-list thrilled” to have served meals to two of the show’s stars

i. Can’t sleep in a bed whose sheets aren’t tight and wrinkle-free; executes military-style corners

j. Plays guitar late at night in the back yard; electric and acoustic, and the neighbors are “quite aware”

k. Eats yogurt with salsa stirred in it for breakfast

* with a nod of homage to Stephen Colbert’s Better Know a District segments on Comedy Central