As the Bird Flies: Rasika's Vikram Sunderam can't do anything until he reaches a certain level on Angry Birds. (Michael Temchine for The Washington Post)

What we thought would be a fascinating and fun exercise, full of insights about the off-duty activities of Washington chefs, fell short of igniting the public’s curiosity — although the quiz has gotten decent Facebook and Twitter play.

And we were all set with a national edition, too....

As promised, here are the answers to last week’s quiz:

1. e / Michel Richard (Citronelle, Central, Michel) loves to iron chef coats; a zen thing.

2. h /The Source’s Scott Drewno is hooked on reruns of “Golden Girls”; “bucket-list thrilled” to have served meals to two of the show’s stars.

3. f / Birch & Barley’s Kyle Bailey digs girl groups, especially Wilson Phillips. (Wife Tiffany MacIsaac confirms.)

4. c / Rasika’s Vikram Sunderam is addicted to Angry Birds on his smartphone; must play to a certain level in each session.

5. i / “Top Chef All-Star”Carla Hall can’t sleep in a bed whose sheets aren’t tight and wrinkle-free; executes military-style corners.

6. b / Jose Andres (America Eats Tavern, Jaleo, Oyamel, Zaytinya, Minibar) shoots hoops in a weekly basketball league.

7. g / BLT Steak’s Victor Albisu does an hour of yoga daily between prep and dinner service (inspired by his Dad, who teaches yoga).

8. d / Pizzeria Paradiso’s Ruth Gresser fixes sinks and toilets; used to do most simple plumbing jobs at the restaurant. (And apparently Carla Hall handles plumbing as well.)

9. j / Equinox’s Todd Gray plays guitar late at night in the back yard; electric and acoustic, and the neighbors are “quite aware.” (Thanks for sharing, Ellen Kassoff Gray.)

10. k / Nora Pouillon of Restaurant Nora eats yogurt with salsa stirred in it for breakfast.

And the bonus/tie breaker:

11. a. / The Passenger’s Derek Brown holds regular karaoke sessions with staff after hours; has personal karaoke machine at home for practicing.