With a side of celebrity: Chef Bobby Flay helps expedite dishes Tuesday at Bobby’s Burger Palace. (Marie Elizabeth Oliver)

“My burger was fabulous,” said Clarke Aburn, a senior veep at Greenberg Gibbons real estate development firm, after finishing a “crunchified” Palace Classic Burger, a standard patty topped with traditional fixings and fresh potato chips. “He [Flay] took something people have been doing at cookouts all over the place — putting chips on burgers — and gave it a name.”

Chips can be added to any of the burgers on the menu.

Flay greeted fans shortly after the doors opened at noon, then headed inside to help expedite orders. Although plenty of seating was available in the sleek interior, along with a half dozen eager employees waiting to run food and clear plates, most diners got their food to go.

The BBP opening has sparked a lot of chatter on social media, as well as mixed reviews from both the Flay-obsessed and those opposed, in general, to the gourmet burger onslaught. BBP burgers cost about $7; sides $3, shakes $5.