Beautiful oysters! Today’s Food explains how creative breeding has pretty much put an end to the idea that oysters are edible only in “R” months. Tim Carman dispenses pearls of oyster wisdom in his story, plus we’ve got six terrific recipes for you.

Also today, read about the return of the juicing craze, and find recipes to whip up a few at home.

Then join us at noon for our weekly gabfest: the Free Range chat, in which we tackle your culinary questions with gusto, brio and all those other things.

In last week’s chat, editor Bonnie Benwick mentioned homemade cottage cheese, which prompted this question from a chatter:

Homemade cottage cheese?! Can I have the recipe, please?

Well, we don’t have one in our Recipe Finder database, at (You do use that all the time, right? Okay.) However, there’s a perfectly serviceable one in that good old standby, “Joy of Cooking.” You can find a somewhat more inspired version on the Web site of David Lebovitz. Bonnie happens to be particularly partial to the cottage cheese made at Buck’s Fishing & Camping by chef Vickie Reh. In fact, the hyper-busy Reh has promised to divulge her recipe soon — when she’s not quite so hyper-busy — so keep an eye out for that. But don’t wait: Make some cottage cheese now, and let us know how it turns out.