Happy day-before-Thanksgiving, all. Chat Leftovers is taking a break today, because you don’t really need me. Why? Well, any lingering turkey day questions you might have can be handled quite nicely during today’s Free Range chat, which will be — insert drum roll — two hours long.

Yes! We get double the amount of time to commune over your culinary conundrums. The chat starts at noon, the usual time, and won’t end until 2 or until the chatters run out of questions, whichever comes first. (And I think 2 o’clock will come first.)

As always, those who post early have a slightly better chance of getting their questions answered, so follow the link above and scoot on over to the site for whatever holiday help you need.

See you next week for the usual virtual leftovers. Hopefully, you won’t have any real Thanksgiving leftovers hanging around by them. Have a warm and wonderful holiday.