One benefit of the heatwave: This frosty beer can be yours for the low, low price of $2 at the Pug. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

The heat is on

The weather forecast is just plain scary at this point. The only positive we can see: The Beat the Heat on H Street happy hour, which lasts all summer. If you find yourself on H Street NE when the mercury hits 95 degrees, duck into one of eight bars to claim a 16-ounce tallboy can of beer for $2. (Important note: The day’s high temperature doesn’t matter; it must be 95 degrees or hotter outside while you’re actually at the bar.)

Pick your bar based on the beer: The Argonaut, the Rock and Roll Hotel, Jimmy Valentine’s and Little Miss Whiskey’s are offering cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon; the Queen Vic and the Red Palace have cans of crisp Konig Pils; H Street Country Club has Miller High Life; the Pug gives you a choice of Schlitz or Budweiser; and Little Miss Whiskey’s will also give you a can of Colt 45. (If you’re lucky, it will come in a koozie that resembles a brown paper bag.)

A cool deal

We take no joy in the struggles that have defined Jayson Werth’s first season with the Nationals, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy cheap beer at his expense. Duffy’s Irish Pub has come up with a unique way of evaluating Werth’s worth, and it has nothing to do with sabermetrics: During Sunday’s 4 p.m. game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, anyone at the bar wearing Nationals gear can get 16-ounce PBR, Bud or High Life cans for the price of Werth’s batting averge. That’s $2.12 at the moment, and given his current 5-for-36 slump, that could conceivably be even lower by the time the final out is recorded on Sunday.